A Washington Law Firm with a Focus on Litigation.

About the Firm


Each member of the firm has substantial trial and appellate experience. Our attorneys have handled large cases – "bet the company" cases – that require strategic vision and sophisticated litigation skills, and they have navigated clients through the unique challenges posed by highly publicized cases. We also have experience in smaller cases that can only be effectively managed by employing practical problem solving skills. Clients can be assured that their matters will benefit from the experience of our lawyers rather than serving as the training ground for teaching young lawyers. Our team includes former federal prosecutors with investigative skills and courtroom savvy, and lawyers who began their careers as judicial law clerks, knowledgeable about the procedural intricacies of litigated matters as viewed from behind the bench.

We are committed to excellence. Our attorneys have superior academic backgrounds. They know how to try cases, they know how to write persuasive briefs, and they have been called upon to teach those skills to others. Two members of the firm have been elected as Fellows of the American College of Trial Lawyers. Over the years, our practice has been characterized by challenging cases involving a wide range of subjects. We have succeeded in these cases through a combination of hard work, analytical skill, creative thinking, and sound judgment.

We value efficiency. In modern litigation, there is "wheat," but there is also plenty of "chaff." We understand the difference. In cases that we handle, we believe it is important to pick our battles wisely – fighting those that serve the client and avoiding those that obscure the important issues and needlessly drive up costs. Sophisticated clients understand that staffing cases with experienced and skilled lawyers usually results in lower overall costs. Of course, litigation is a collaborative process, so the choices that are made in each case are the client's as well as the attorney's.

Trout Cacheris & Janis handles matters throughout the country. The firm has lawyers who are admitted to practice in the District of Columbia, Virginia, and Maryland and who maintain an active practice in federal and state courts in these jurisdictions and elsewhere.