A Washington Law Firm with a Focus on Litigation.

About the Firm


Bob Trout and Gloria Solomon are experienced attorneys whose practices focus on white collar criminal defense, government enforcement actions and complex civil litigation. Our firm’s name also honors our former partner Plato Cacheris, regarded as one of the deans of the white collar bar.

We have been involved in some of the most significant legal matters of the past 20 years, including the Mueller investigation, the Volkswagen diesel investigations, Deepwater Horizon and Enron. We have represented clients in federal and state courts, before Congress, and in investigations by the Department of Justice, the SEC, and other federal agencies. We also have experience in smaller matters that can only be effectively managed by employing practical problem-solving skills.

We value efficiency. In modern litigation, there is “wheat,” but there is also plenty of “chaff.” We understand the difference. In cases that we handle, we believe it is important to pick our battles wisely—fighting those that serve the client and avoiding those that obscure the important issues and needlessly drive up costs. We believe that staffing cases with experienced lawyers can often result in lower overall costs, but we can also draw on other resources as necessary.